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The Best Food-Related Calendars for 2013 Slideshow

The Best Food-Related Calendars for 2013 Slideshow

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8) Spices to Our Lives

Spices are in everything we eat, but oftentimes these seasonings are overlooked. Not so in this calendar, where they’re front and center. The finest spices from across the world have been photographed and featured in this calendar, which will inspire you to spice up your cooking every day of the year.

7) Amazing New York Food Trucks,

Jane Bruce

The blog New York Street Food has been on a quest for the absolute best food trucks in the city, and they've compiled them all into this nifty calendar. Trucks include the Red Hook Lobster Pound, the popular Cinnamon Snail, and Phil’s Steaks, and each features a photo of their food, a description of the truck’s offerings, and contact info.

6) Recipe-A-Day 2013 Daily Boxed Desktop Calendar

It’s not a hanging calendar, but we love the fact that this handy desktop calendar provides you with one recipe for every day of the year. And better yet, they’re all easy to prepare, and make the most of the ingredients that are currently in season.

5) The Organic Kitchen Garden, Ann Lovejoy

This charming wall calendar features high-quality photographs of home-grown organic vegetables, but there’s a lot more involved than just 12 snapshots. Each month also comes with an easy-to-make recipe making the most of seasonal vegetables, and also plenty of tips on growing, canning, harvesting, and cooking.

4) Food Landscapes, Carl Warner

Photographer and food stylist Carl Warner is a genius at creating intricate landscapes made entirely out of food, and each month if this calendar showcases another masterpiece. They’re not all just constructed out of bananas and pears, either: an Italian village is made entirely of meats and cheeses, a Christmas scene is made from cookies, and a Parisian street scene is constructed entirely with French delicacies.

3) Farmers' Market 2013 Wall Calendar: Four Seasons of Fruits and Vegetables, John Burgoyne

In keeping with the fresh fruit and vegetable theme, we’ve selected artist John Burgoyne’s calendar as one of the best showcases of hand-colored artwork. Each month features spot-on portrayals of the fruit and veggies that are in season during that time, including summer heirloom tomatoes, fall mushrooms, and winter squash. If the art looks familiar, it’s because Burgoyne’s illustrations have also been featured in Cook’s Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen.

2) Martha Stewart's Food Glossaries 2013

Not only does each month in this calendar reveal a stunning photo of high-quality food, but also Stewart’s resourceful advice on selecting and storing ingredients and a glossary for one specific type of food (for example a guide to pasta names). It also comes with 12 recipe cards.

1) Edibles, Robert Kaufman

A thorough celebration of the bounty of nature, this calendar, published since 1978 and featuring photos by award-winning photographer Robert Kaufman, shows fruits and vegetables at their finest: in their natural state. It’s not just food photography, it’s also fine art.