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Need Halloween Candy? Aldi Has Crazy-Good Deals on These 10 Brands

Need Halloween Candy? Aldi Has Crazy-Good Deals on These 10 Brands

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There's a mix of private-label offerings and name-brand sweets for under $10.

Halloween is just two weeks away—yes, really! At Aldi, the German-based discount retailer that’s known for its private-label brands, there's actually a great mix of candy available at discount prices. You can find most of the Halloween candy in Aldi's "Finds" section, an aisle where special, seasonal items pop up every Wednesday or Sunday.

Here's the thing—Halloween candy isn't known to be super healthy, but there are a couple Aldi buys that are solid alternatives to some of the most popular Halloween candy. And if you end up buying snack-size chocolates and goodies in bulk at Aldi, at least you'll know you're getting a good bang for your buck.

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We'll start with the better-for-you Halloween treats you can find in Aldi's aisles right now:

1) Lunch Buddies Fruit Flavored Snacks, $3.99

There are 20 mini pouches of fruit gummies in this box, containing 80 calories, 20mg of sodium, and 15g of sugar in each, making these a better choice for Halloween goodie bags this year.

2) Southern Grove Seedless Raisins, $0.99

If you're looking for a treat that's safe for those with food allergies, raisins are a great choice. Aldi sells a collection of six mini cartons that are perfect for Trick-or-Treaters for just .99 cents. Stock up on these and read more tips if you're hosting those with food allergies this year.

More tips for a healthy and safe Halloween:

3) Sunrise Candy Corn, $1.99

An Aldi-exclusive product, this bag of candy corn is stuffed with more than you'd need for any event or goodie bag—and is a better option than other leading national brands given that it's sweetened with honey.

And here are a few name-brand candies on deep discount this month:

4) Tootsie Roll Pops, $6.99

This pack of 75 pops—and their surprise chocolate center—will keep the whole neighborhood happy.

5) 8 Snack-Sized Reese's, $1.25

These treats are a little different from a full-sized candy bar—they're petite, making the caloric blowback just a tiny bit more manageable.

6) 8 Snack-Sized Kit-Kats, $1.25

Aldi has a few different Hershey's products available in these snack-sized portions, perfect for any Trick-or-Treater this year.

7) Bulk Smarties Pack, $1.99

Smarties are a smart choice for a sweet treat—they're 25 calories per pack, plus they're free of gluten and nuts.

8) Werther's Original Caramel Candies, $2.79

The serving size for these deliciously creamy morsels is generous—three whole pieces for 70 calories—so you can have a treat without feeling like you ruined your healthy eating for the day.

9) Bulk Fun-Size Chocolate, $9.99

80 pieces of Halloween-themed candy from popular brands like Butterfinger, Crunch, and 100 Grand.

10) Bulk M&M's Snack Packs, $7.49

Nearly any Trick-or-Treater will get excited for M&M's—and this bulk pack contains quite a few fun-sized packs to give out at your door this year. Bonus points if you also buy a pack of dark chocolate M&M's, which is a (slightly) better-for-you option than the milk chocolate variety.

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